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This section contains the fine print that applies to all sites hosted under, my nonprofit, fanworks-oriented personal domain.


Most of my fan tributes are fanlistings (FLs), which lists fans of a particular subject. When a user signs up for one of my FLs, minimal personal data will be collected, consisting of:

  1. The user's name (or a reasonable internet alias)
  2. The country where the user currently resides
  3. The user's email address
  4. The user's site URL (a personal website or social networking site)
  5. Some optional fan-related preferences

Name and Country are the minimum information required by TFL Rule #6. However, your email address—which is automatically hidden—is requested only to prevent duplicate signups, i.e., to ensure that the same person cannot join twice. Your email address will be kept private at all times, and will be used only to inform you about changes to the site. It will never be revealed to any third-party website, nor will it ever be used for any kind of networking scheme.

This is not a requirement, but you may also add the URL to your personal website or any SNS (like Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), to distinguish your online presence on the list.